Business Funding South Africa is an alliance of professional business and financial services managers offering a comprehensive financial solution service. This service is based on the experience and skills obtained by each individual in their respective fields of expertise.

Business Funding SA has representation in Gauteng - Johannesburg and Cape Town with a specific emphasis on the Western Cape.
We are focused on bridging the proverbial funding gap in the SME market not addressed by commercial financial institutions.

We also aim to satisfy all funding needs of all types of businesses, entities and projects.

Business Funding South Africa (underwritten by CH Financial Solutions) is the leading provider of financial services to its established corporate and private customer bases.

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CH Financial Solutions is pleased to announce that due to the positive change in growth and a diversification of our core business we too are changing. CH Financial Solutions will now be operating under the name of Business Funding South Africa. The new identity more closely represents our company at present and where we would like to position ourselves in the local and global markets in the future. The goal of the name change is to leverage the strength of the already established CH Financial Solutions brand whilst also allowing us to align our corporate and product brand identities.

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