Business Funding SA can assist you in any of the following ways regarding your Real Estate financing:

Auction Stop
We will intervene on your behalf to STOP your house from going on auction and you walking out with nothing; sometimes even the bond owner suing you for non-recouped losses. We can help. Please complete the Application form and also draft a motivational letter before contacting us. We will make it easy for you.

Arrear bond payments
We can help you so that you do not move into liquidation or possibly auction off your property. Give us a call or complete the Enquiry Form.

Sell your property and rent it back
We will buy your property from you at a reasonable price and you can rent it back from us for as long as you wish. When you are ready we can discuss selling the property back to you.

Get cash against you property
We can help you out for a short term while you wait for your pension fund to pay out. If you sold your property and need an advance against the purchase price, give us a call or complete the Enquiry Form.


Real estate bonds

Extra cash for your business

In need of extra cash for your business to expand or start a new contract; is cash flow drowning you in a lucrative business? Contact us, your un-bonded or nearly un-bonded property will be of benefit to you in ways you cannot imagine! Complete the attached form and send it to us. We can make it happen.

Wanting to own your own Commercial Property?

We can arrange finance for the building you already occupy or want to occupy for your business.


If you are in desperate need of
  • A home loan
  • A 2nd bond on your home
  • A bond on a commercial property
give us a call or complete the Application Form and a consultant will contact you. We pride ourselves in our service levels.

Test us: You will be surprised!

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